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Projekt címe: Comprehensive educational support of food-service providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market / Ételszolgáltatók teljeskörű oktatási támogatása a fogyasztói piacon megjelenő speciális diétás étrendek keresletének elősegítésére - GASTROTOP


Vezető Partner:

Visoko gospodarsko učilište u Križevcima (Agráregyetem, Kőrös)



MATE Kaposvári Campus

Somogyi Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara

Visoka škola za menadžment u turizmu i informatici u Virovitici (Turisztikai és Informatikai Menedzsment Főiskola, Verőce)

Zala Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara


ERFA támogatás összege: 247.556,72 EUR

Teljes költségvetés: 291.243,20 EUR

Projekt időtartama: 2021.06.01-2022.09.30.


Projektösszefoglaló/Project summary:

The project addresses the problems detected within the implementation of EDOTOP 1 and ECOTOP2 projects: Improving tourism offer in the region in order to make the region more attractive to tourists interested in different forms of ecotourism and educational programs in marketing for service providers. In the previous projects, the conducted research and studies indicated that ecotourism offer in the region exists, but it is not sufficiently developed and one of important development drivers is service provider education. The purpose of this project is to develop comprehensive educational support for food-tourism providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market. This support will provide education and training for adjustment of food touristic offers in cross-border counties to the current food consumer demands and trends in the tourism sector and thus positively affect the situation in self-employment of young population and employment in the tourist sector in general.


The overall objective of the project is to improve the availability of training in the field of special dietary restrictions consumer market through development and implementation of training programs, creative student camp – workshop, panel discussion for students, entrepreneurs and academia, student workshop for innovation in the food production segment, idea competition for compilation of touristic product packages targeted at special dietary demands, workshop based on topic of different dietary approaches/trends, training on how to prepare "free" dishes. The project will generate training program for students and food tourism service providers, study of inclusion of the Roma and mentally or physically ill population, refugee and other possible minorities in the food tourism system and handbook for educational support of food-service providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market. It also involves exchange programs, business idea competition and student creative camp. The partnership is structured in a way that it involves institutions from all relevant segments: higher education and business support institutions (chambers), since it is necessary for quality development of activities.


Cross-border character: The project proposal builds on experience of LB, B1, B2, B3, B4. The project idea is based on their common knowledge and responds to a problem (insufficient food tourism offer in the region) common at both sides of the border (joint development).



Project homepage: Gastrotop 


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